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We create new innovations or re-invent existing ones, from initial concepts to supplying a finished product, branded, packaged and ready for market.

On Stop Shop for Products

We can take a product from Concept to production and introduce your product to over 3000 worldwide buyers.

We can introduce your invention to Homedepot, B&Q, Leroy Merlin, Target, RadioShack, Parts Master, Bunnings, Dexter, ACE, Advanced Auto Parts, Brico Fort, Homebase, Argos, Lidder, Sainsburys, JML, Tesco, Gardman Gardening, Boots, Wayfair, Overstock and Petco.. How many design consultancies can do that !

If you would like details call +353 (0)86 892 8171

We can develop your product from any stage, be it an idea, a simple sketch, a problem that needs solving, or an existing product that needs updating.

LWP has just introduced a new product we developed for a client to Homedepot USA and Bunnings Australia, generating sales of 100,000 units first order. We could do this for your product if its a good fit!

Louet Woods Products Ltd (LWP) is a Limited company based in the Regional Development Centre, DKIT.
LWP’s main business is the development, manufacture and supply of new innovative products to major distributors. The company has an R&D facility in Ireland and China and a manufacturing sourcing facility in China. We have established relationships with distribution partners based in Europe, USA, Canada, Latin America and Japan.

This infrastructure brings ideas into reality.